Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Our counseling and therapy services are designed to build on our clients’ unique strengths and create pathways to the best ultimate solution for each adult, child, couple, or family.

Newport Beach Family Development Center

EMDR Therapy

An effective modality for many, allowing a sense of calm, rest, and happiness with a decrease in post-traumatic symptoms and allowing a person to move on with life.


Couples Therapy

Provides you and your partner with the opportunity to rebuild, the chance to create something more resilient and more beautiful than what once was.

NBFDC-Individual Adult therapy

Individual Adult Therapy

Offer support for those going through major life challenges including divorce or separation, dealing with adjustments, or those experiencing traumatic events. 


Individual Child Therapy

Develop a custom therapy program for each child based on their specific needs, strengths, and goals. 

Family Therapy

Brings the entire family together to identify the unique gifts that each member brings to the table. 

You’re the best doctor that helps with our feelings when we are sad, happy, frustrated.

6 yo male

Thank you so much for all that you have done for T and our family. You are an angel. I really do not know how we could have made it through without all of your amazing guidance. We will never forget what you have taught us.

Parent of 16 yo male

I have really benefited from this journey and I continue to grow and “work” on myself. Thank you forever.

Adult female

Thank you for all the support you have given our family. We are grateful for you as you continue to help us move forward.

Parent of 15 yo male