This place is so helpful and I believe you are changing lives. You’ve changed mine.

13 yo female

Thank you for all the support you have given our family. We are grateful for you as you continue to help us move forward.

Parent of 15 yo male

It is so peaceful here and it helps so many people.

17 yo male

You make me want to get up.

15 yo male

We would like to thank you for helping and encouraging us through our many challenges over the past few years. We are very grateful for the amazing support and skills you have given to us to help bring healing to our family. Thank you for listening to our needs and really taking the time to understand our situation. Your talents will help many.


I just wanted to let you know that today I had a shot. I did it without crying. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me.

9 yo female

Thank you so much for your efforts and care for our family. We appreciate it and love how you go above and beyond to make the children feel comfortable.

Parent of 10 & 14 year olds

I have really benefited from this journey and I continue to grow and “work” on myself. Thank you forever.

Adult female

Thank you so much for all that you have done for T and our family. You are an angel. I really do not know how we could have made it through without all of your amazing guidance. We will never forget what you have taught us.

Parent of 16 yo male

Thank you for helping me with my anxiety. You are truly amazing.

8 yo female

You are the best therapist my brother and I have ever had. I have seen my brother openly talk to you. I feel like you are a miracle.

12 yo female

You’re the best doctor that helps with our feelings when we are sad, happy, frustrated.

6 yo male

Thank you for reminding me how much life is worth living.

25 yo male

Thank you for all the great things you have done for my mental health. You have completely turned my life around.

Adult male

We came to Blackhawk Family Development Center to get a better understanding of our son and his strengths. Dr. Page gave us that and much more through the psychological evaluation process.

Client 3

Ms. Flavia has displayed expertise, knowledge, and professionalism when working with our family. She is the only person who has ever been able to connect with our daughter.

Client 2

Dr. Surina Mazzola has shown that she is accurately intuitive with her clients and that her genuine sincerity is one of her natural tools she uses in connecting with individuals.

Client 1

This is a hard review to write as no words can say how much Dr. Mazzola has helped our family. Definitely not enough words to thank her.

My son was 5 turning 6 and he was lost, angry, sad and we as parents felt like we were losing him, losing our family’s happiness. We came to her and she saw the good in not only my son but in us as parents. She helped us learn different parenting techniques, she helped build our son’s confidence and ours too. She never judged or had anything negative to say about our situation. She gave us the tools to help our son find his way, handle his anger and build up his self esteem so he is happier. So our family is happier.

It has been almost two years since she came into our lives and sometimes we don’t call her for months and other times we can be contacting her daily. Life can throw us all sorts of things and parenting is one that has no instructions but for our family, having Dr. M in our corner reminds us we are not alone. My husband and I are doing the best we can for our kids every day but when we feel like we are drowning, need some help or advice or just someone to talk to she is always there for our family.

We have been to therapists before and there is nobody like her. Period. She is bad ass.

Thank you Dr. Mazzola!!

PS Our youngest is turning 3 in December so you only have 15 more years with us 🙂

Dyan Y.
San Ramon, CA

Its been over a year since last we worked with Dr. Mazzola so this review is long overdue.  I cannot stress enough how much we gained and learned from having Dr. Mazzola work with us and our son.  Our 5 year old was having many issues with Kindergarten, and we were at a loss with how to best help us.  As the other reviewer said, she only saw the good and strengths in our son, and gave him and us tools to work with him.  Overtime, as we worked with her and implemented her strategies, we saw a change.  Its hard to believe how far we’ve come.  Dr. Mazzola was incredibly patient and thorough, and was always there for us (during session, if we needed to call her from home, which we did a few times).   I have recommended her to many of my friends, and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again if needed.

True2myword G.
Danville, CA

Dr. Mazzola is absolutely incredible! My daughter had experienced bullying, and had no self esteem when we began seeing her.  Her anxiety was through the roof, and upon first entering Blackhawk Medical Group, Dr. Mazzola came out and introduced herself and immediately began pointing out the genuine sweetness and kindness that she saw in my daughter.  We began seeing her regularly, and the way she honestly addresses and words her insight on the situations involving my daughter, just had me in awe of the magnitude of her skills and the care she takes to word them as well. I literally tear up when I hear her speak her wisdom…she gives hope, in a kind and loving way, all the while giving constructive criticism when needed in the same way, so the kids feel cared for…not judged.  She is top notch, and we are so beyond grateful to meet a therapist as amazing as Dr. Mazzola. We always look forward to seeing her…she is THAT fabulous.

Jill H.
Pleasanton, CA

Amazing!!! The team here are wonderful and Dr. Mazzola is the most genuine and kind person you will ever meet.  She is the best with kids.  The office is very family friendly and  Brittany is the best at communicating and ensuring that the families are taken care of.   Love it here & we are so fortunate to have found Dr. M!

Angie I
Irvine, CA