Is Couples Therapy Worth It?

Is Couples Therapy Worth It?

Worth comes from the investment we put forth. If there is any worth left in the relationship, couples therapy can be the joint investment that increases that worth and returns the value of the connection. 

There are often misconceptions about couples therapy. Some think that each member of the couple has to be committed to the future of the marriage in order to be candidates for couples therapy. Some assume that couples therapy always has the goal of maintaining an intimate relationship.

The Goal:  A Positive Partnership

The truth is, we don’t know what the future of any relationship holds, we are simply committed to making the reality as healthy as possible. The goal is not marriage, divorce or separation. The goal is a positive partnership: open communication, honest investment and the cultivation of healthy dynamics. This can be achieved by the couple who chooses to divorce yet continues to positively co-parent. This can be the couple who is “consciously uncoupling” in order to return to a deeper friendship. This can be achieved by the couple who wishes to fall deeply back in love and recommit to their marriage. 

If you are willing to invest in achieving a healthier experience with your past, current or future partner – couples therapy is worth it. If you are willing to accept any outcome with positive intention – couples therapy is worth it. If you need help transitioning the relationship from one of romantic intimacy to one of positive co-parenting or friendship – couples therapy is worth it. 

Newport Beach Family Development Center

At Newport Beach Family Development Center, we offer treatment that moves beyond symptom relief by establishing a resilient foundation. All therapy services are personalized and fluid, meaning as your life changes, so will your approach to strengthening your unique connection to yourself. Contact Us today to schedule an intake session and learn if couples therapy is right for you.



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