Individual Child Therapy


Individual Child Therapy


At Newport Beach Family Development Center, we believe parents are our greatest tool in developing a customized therapy regimen for their child.

Parents are the real experts on their children, but sometimes they aren’t able to get the message through—or maybe they aren’t sure about the message they’re sending. Parents might also be conflicted about the lessons to teach their children, including morals and general behavior. That’s where our individual child therapy program comes in. We help parents better understand their children and how their parenting style works.

Individualized therapy that is based on your child's or teen's specific needs, strengths, and goals.

We work with every family to develop a custom therapy program for each child based on their specific needs, strengths, and goals. Our child psychologists incorporate a variety of techniques based on each family and child’s individual needs including CBT, DBT, play, etc. Though sometimes, the best thing we can do is simply be a consistent, trusted adult that your child or teen can feel safe with and confide in.

After our initial intake session, we develop a treatment timeline that works best for you as a family.

We are dedicated to leveraging whichever empirically validated therapies (or combination of therapies) that will best fit your child and your family, including family therapy as needed to support your whole system.

Plus, our clinicians have work cell phones and are always available via text, email, or phone call between sessions to offer extra support, or celebrate any small wins that occur!  We are an extension of your support system and do our best to be available when your family needs it most.


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