How Do You Cope with Stress & Negative Emotions?

How Do You Cope with Stress & Negative Emotions?

Stress and negative emotions are a natural part of everyday life. Oftentimes, we feel ill equipped to handle these emotions and attempt to avoid them. Learning to cope stress and negative emotion is possible. Here’s how.

Recognition is Key

If we learn to recognize our experience of stress and negative emotion early on, we can anticipate our triggers and accept our emotional experiences. Once we understand how we’re feeling and what leads us to feeling this way, we can then begin to develop the coping skills needed to work through these experiences.

Everyone’s methods of coping with stress and negative emotions are going to be different based on their personalities, lifestyles and preferences. For example, extensive meditative practices may not be the most practical coping skill for a parent of four young children. 

Therapy Can Help

Individual Therapy can help you identify your “triggers”, or the situations which are most likely to elicit a stress response. Therapy can also help you identify the tools that are most applicable to your triggers and can also be most easily incorporated into your everyday life.

In addition to helping you develop a set of tools to cope when stress and negative emotions arise, therapy can help proactively decrease the occurrences of negative emotion. Establishing a consistent daily self-care routine, ideally one that you start your day off with, can help reduce stress throughout the day. The key to coping with stress and negative emotion is two fold: first, develop the tools to work through the emotions as you experience them, two, create a proactive routine that reduces the occurrence of stress.

Newport Beach Family Development Center

At Newport Beach Family Development Center, we offer treatment that moves beyond symptom relief by establishing a resilient foundation. All therapy services are personalized and fluid, meaning as your life changes, so will your approach to strengthening your unique connection to yourself. Contact Us today to schedule an intake session and learn if individual therapy is right for you.



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