group Therapy

Newport Beach Family Development Center offers group therapy programs designed for children and teens, ages 7 through 18, that provide a safe space and meet kids where they are.  The result is increased confidence and self-esteem as well as improved social skills.


Friendship Circle

7-10 yrs old

Tailored to help our kiddos feel confident with change, adjust appropriately to change, build self-esteem, and improve social skills.

In Between

10-13 yrs old

A safe and creative space for tween boys and girls, 5th-8th grade, to explore and discuss the unique stressors of their age group, so as to minimize anxiety and boost self-confidence.



13-17 yrs old

Safe space to meet with peers to discuss the unique pressures that cause stress and insecurity in daily life.


Express Yourself

13-18 yrs old

Utilize the artistic process to increase their self-worth, build community, and process their unique experiences.