Individual Adult Therapy


Individual Adult Therapy


Let's face it, it’s just not enough to say, “I don’t want to be so down anymore.”

At Newport Beach Family Development Center, we believe that there is joy to be found in every person’s life journey.  As opposed to just learning to manage your distress, our adult therapy program can help you utilize and redirect your distress into a motivating force.

We walk with our clients through all of life’s forces: anxiety, stress, depression, or inattention. We also offer support for those going through major life changes or challenges including divorce or separation, dealing with adjustments, or those experiencing or who have experienced traumatic events. 

Need parenting support? We have that too!

Today, so many parents deal with challenging circumstances in an ever-evolving world of “do’s and don’ts.” Our clinicians can help you learn parenting techniques that can assist in the development of a respected, clear, loving, and connected parent-child relationship.

Whatever your needs are, we create a custom adult therapy program for you.

We encourage our adult therapy clients to start with weekly 50-minute sessions and hit the ground running. All the tools our clinicians provide are designed to improve your life as well as your mental health, and we believe you are an important part of the decision process. We also offer therapy for couples, families, and children as needed to support your entire system.  Lastly, when life happens, we’re there for you!  Your clinician is available in between sessions via text, email, or phone call.

If you're ready to make some positive changes in your life, schedule your adult therapy intake session today.

I have really benefited from this journey and I continue to grow and “work” on myself. Thank you forever.

Adult female