Individual and Family Therapy


You and your family deserve a warm, peaceful, and inviting place to spend time together as you work through the tough stuff.  That’s why our Newport Beach office feels like home and our individual and group therapy programs feel like social play dates.  Our clinicians are also the best at what they do.

Welcome to the Newport Beach Village!

Let Newport Beach Family Development Center be your home-base for healing, growth, and human-connection.  We invite all – regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender-orientation, sexual-orientation, or spiritual beliefs – to join the Newport Beach village.

Our Mission

To move beyond symptom-relief by providing premier, strength-based, solution-focused therapy services for the individual and family.

Our Approach

Your Outcome

Main - Support You Therapy

Therapy Services

Our counseling and therapy programs are designed to build on our clients’ unique strengths and create pathways to the best ultimate solution for each adult, child, couple, or family.


Group Therapy

Our group therapy programs are designed for children and teens, ages 7-18, to provide a safe space and meet kids where they are.  The result is increased confidence and self-esteem as well as improved social skills.


Psychological Testing

Our center strives to provide the most comprehensive and beneficial psychological assessments to allow individuals to reach their absolute full potential.

Group Therapy


Friendship Circle

7-10 yrs old

Tailored to help our kiddos feel confident with change, adjust appropriately to change, build self-esteem, and improve social skills.


In Between

10-13 yrs old

Explore and discuss the unique stressors of their age group, so as to minimize their feeling of anxiety and boost self-confidence.



13-17 yrs old

Safe space to meet with peers to discuss the unique pressures that cause stress and insecurity in daily life.


Express Yourself

13-18 yrs old

Utilize the artistic process to increase their self-worth, build community, and process their unique experiences.

Our Therapists Are Always Available for You

We care deeply about our clients and their experiences, which is why we are available in between sessions to all our patients.

If you ever need help, we are just a phone call away. (Or a text or email — we know not everyone likes to talk on the phone.)

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I’ve had the amazing experience of working with Vicky in a clinical setting with and for women. Vicky gives 100% to her work ethic and provides a loving and safe environment to all her clients. Vicky goes above and beyond in all her services. I highly recommended her.

Brenda Mann

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vicky. She is highly skilled in many different forms, therapeutic techniques and has genuineness that is appreciated by her clients and peers. One of Vicky’s greatest strengths is meeting a client where they are at and supplying them with empathy that helps build trust and security in a therapeutic relationship. She is an excellent therapist and fantastic mentor.

Tom and Donna Pickel

I have worked with Vicky in the past and she is amazing! She’s a hard worker, advocates for her clients, and she always goes above and beyond. I highly recommend her!! 🙂